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Sustainability is in our nature

Sustainability is in Our Nature

At Vita Biosa, we recognize the monumental impact that packaging and materials have on the global environment. For this reason, we strive every day to provide packaging and logistics solutions that reach and exceed our shared sustainability objectives.

Our approach to sustainability goes beyond the environmentally friendly products we provide; it is engrained in our culture of continuous improvement and our commitment to market leading innovation that drives sustainability forward. Take a look at the many ways Vita Biosa contributes to Sustainability.

Packaging and Sustainability

Vita Biosa is made available in variety of different packaging materials. With the implementation of glass in 2018, we have reduced the amount of polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) that enters the plastic recycling stream by 89% year over year.

Not only are 100% of our corrugated boxes recyclable, but they are also made from a minimum of 60% Post-consumer fiber (PCF).

To the extent possible, we reuse as many packaging materials as possible from our in-coming supply chain. If materials can not be reused, they get recycled!

Transportation and Sustainability

Transportation is a necessary evil in any manufacturing enterprise, and we are dedicated to minimizing the environmental footprint from transportation in all facets of our logistics. From consolidating our purchasing of materials to selecting the courier service with the newest and most environmentally friendly truck fleet. We strive for and look for suppliers who share our value of sustainability.

Partnerships and Sustainability

Our mission to be a sustainable company goes beyond the walls of Vita Biosa. We pride ourselves on working with vendors and suppliers who share our sustainability objectives and have entrenched those values in their organization and their people.

If you are a student of sustainable farming and/or horticultural practices, if you represent an organization wishing to increase the sustainability of your operations then we would like to extend an invitation to contact us to discuss how we can support you in your endeavor to improved sustainability.

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